Do Clothing Make The Man?

Whether it is the all American Jeans and T-shirt, the Buddhist Civara (orange yellow robes), Hindu Saris, Ethopian Shemmas, Rastafarian dread hair (representing the Lion of Judah) or clothing in red green and yellow adopted from an Ethiopian Emperor, Muslim Hijab, Pakistani shalwar khamis or the Afghani burqa, Christian Priest, Nuns and pastor robes or the Jewish Kippah (head covering), all cultures have a dress that they identify with. In the U.S. and most western cultures, style or cultural wear is widely varied but with so many different ethnic groups, clothing is still one of the main ways that many use to identify with a certain group. Some of the groups are religious, others related to financial status but many are just personal style. I chose this picture because I believe it represents how we view cultures other than our own and many of us believe that our culture is normal but others also see us as different and sometimes a little strange. Have you seen the “Wrecking Ball” Video? That can easily become a representation of U.S. Culture to people around the world.

Leave a comment on what you consider your cultural style. My research just listed varied styles for U.S. Cultural clothing and the reference to jeans and t-shirt made me smile. I would love to have your input.


One thought on “Do Clothing Make The Man? or Nudity, the Woman (as in Wrecking Ball Video)?

  1. monica castaneda

    I definitely agree that every culture has their own dress to represent who they are. However, there are some people out there that don’t even realize the reputation or stereotype they give out by certain clothing that they wear. For instance, most Americans freak out now when they see a man with a Tykia on his head at the airport. This is all because of the reputation it put on our country. Some people look at Americans’ culture as strange because we may show more skin or vice versa in the way that they don’t. This has always fascinated me because it is not about the Tykia that the man is wearing on his head, it is the fact that the man that hurt our country was wearing a Tykia. Therefore, it was turned into a stereotype because of the traumatic effect it had on us.


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