Remain Teachable – Live Well

I have learned that in order to experience joy, you have to be open to experiencing pain. In similar fashion, sometimes you have to get through the ugly in order to see the beauty and this is what I am discovering as I continue on this cultural journey. There are so many layers and so many cultures and we sometimes form hasty opinions based on one or two experience with the protective layer and never venture any further. Today, I have a new appreciation for the wonderful array of art, architecture and artists that is a major part of the Ethiopian culture, in addition to its ties to the popular Rastafarian culture.

Next stop, India.
The Indian Dance Educators Association (IDEA) is excited to partner with Gallery Underground in Crystal City in a unique collaboration of visual and performance art that crosses cultures.

On October 18, IDEA will present at Gallery Underground a preview of our upcoming program “Silver Screen: Celebrating Hundred Years of Indian Cinema through Classical Dance.”‎

On October 26, enjoy the 26th Annual Indian Festival at the Tampa Fairgrounds.


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