NO. NO. NO. – How Religion Defines Islam Culture

Religion or Culture

Culture is lifestyle of people belonging to particular society. Religion is a set of rules (custom) which makes people to have or follow particular lifestyle.

Culture is defined by the traditions, language, art, food, and various attributes of a particular group.  Religion can be classified underneath the concept of “culture.  In other words, culture is the way you live and religion influences the culture.  However, religion can create it’s own culture and many times does.

“Islam may seem exotic or even extreme in the modern world. Perhaps this is because religion does not dominate everyday life in the West today, whereas Muslims have religion always uppermost in their minds, and make no division between secular and sacred. They believe that the Divine Law, the Shari’a, should be taken very seriously, which is why issues related to religion are still so important.” <ahref=”

Muslims are people who practice Islam (the religion). Both words are used to refer to religious practices, and even though it includes people from many different regions around the globe, culture seems to be intertwined with religion, as one.  This would be an example of how religion creates its own culture. Unfortunately, all I can remember from my conversation with the women on my recent visit to the Islamic Society in Tampa is the Word No.  No, you can’t do this, No, you are not allowed.  No, you can’t wear that.  It is not that I do not respect that other cultures have different practices but when those practices are represented as right for everyone, it can be offensive.


I try to look at people as individuals and uniquely so.    When I am judged by my appearance, it tells me that nothing else matters except what I look like.  I have seen the effect of this when women and some men are so concerned about their outward appearance, that they neglect to develop their inner self.  As a result, they don’t know who they are.  They become what others told them they are supposed to look and act like.  Too many are in debt trying to keep up appearances; others have mutilated bodies and even died from inappropriate and unnecessary surgical procedures trying to conform to someone else’s idea of what they are supposed to look like.  If as much passion and education is put into learning more about our inner strengths and potentials, or even learning about one another, we would quickly see that ‘honor’ is not how one is dressed.

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