Why 9/11 is special to me

It is 9/11 but it is also my son’s birthday today.  He is my first child and 12 years ago, he was getting ready to celebrate his 20 birthday but that celebration did not happen.  But 9/11 also made an impact on the Muslim community.  Many people became targets because of how they looked and because of the group they belonged to.  Even people that are not Muslim but looks like someone of Arab descent became targets of hate. 

On that day, the world became a little smaller and the terror that is an almost daily occurrence in other countries, became a part of ours.   But it also gave us an opportunity to create programs that teach tolerance for people who are different from us.  It made  us appreciate our freedoms and rights that we sometimes take for granted and it caused us to take a closer look at our own involvement in other countries.

I am grateful that 9/11 does not only signify tragedy to me but it signifies hope and the journey that is my son’s life.  He wrote a song about the day he was born and that is what I think about when I hear the words “9/11.” 

Certainly 9/11was a tragedy but the hate it inspired among different cultures made it more of a tragedy.    Fear was injected into our communities and homes.  



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